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The Beautiful South Coast of Haiti

Lately, I’ve been able to get back to a lot of the images I captured on my last trip to Haiti. We had one of the most beautiful locations to work, as we stayed a stones throw from the beach on the South coast of Haiti near a town called Saint-Georges. Not too shabby, if […]


5 Ways You Can Waste Money for Your Small Business (+35 more)

Everyone loves lists on the Interwebz, and I’m no different. If you can boil simple content down into simple bullet points or numbered lists, kudos. Here’s a list I found today that may come in handy for other small business owners like me on how NOT to spend your money, especially early on: “Bad Advertising […]

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Knoxville Fashion Week – “Emerging Designers Runway”

You can get images from any of the events during Knoxville Fashion Week! Details are at the end of the post. The second day of Knoxville Fashion Week highlighted the creativity of relative newcomers to the fashion scene. The “Emerging Designers Runway” displayed some wonderful new fashions from the following: Southern Grace Alicia Marie Designs […]

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Our Worst Kept Secret: Everyone, Meet Knoxville Portraits!

I’m extremely excited to make an announcement that should surprise no one who has been keeping up with the blog in the past two weeks. It’s in the soft-launch phase, but Knoxville Fashion Week was the unveiling event for Moser Visuals‘ newest feature brand for portraits and photography. Everyone, meet Knoxville Portraits. Knoxville Portraits, meet […]

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Knoxville Fashion Week – Marc Nelson Runway

While most of the fashions exhibited during Knoxville Fashion Week this Fall were strictly for the women, the Marc Nelson Runway spiced it up with a healthy mix of fashionable men’s and women’s clothing, including a new line of ladies’ tops you can see in the slideshow above. According to Marc Nelson (MN) founder/designer Marcus […]