Chadasha Visual Presentation

Chadasha Visual PresentationA quick update on some of the goings-on at the Chadasha Foundation:

Chadasha’s Feature Presentation
Chris Keylon, Chadasha’s Executive Director, and I were able to find time in our hectic schedules to share lunch and discuss some of the issues we need to tackle regarding the media “division” of Chadasha.

Aside from the awesome new website we have planned, we identified that over the past year, we’d created many versions of a similar presentation for different audiences. Chris had an opportunity to present the mission of Chadasha to a church in Alabama the next weekend, and we didn’t want to fall into the repetitive trap of new presentations for each opportunity.

After discussing some of the main details and information that really define Chadasha and the needs of our presentations, we settled on a new strategy. Now, we will create one main presentation that we’ll to use for all our presentations, and shorter ones that are more specific to a ministry or project the particular audience may be interested in supporting.

Soon, we’ll start putting together “media kits” for each ministry or project we can update once a year with new information. These media kits will be used to support and tell the story of all that we do to different audiences! It’s an exciting new strategy that will mean much more time to do other things than create the same presentation over and over! 🙂

Check out the presentation slideshow above, and if you’re in need of a really good-looking and professional presentation for your next project…contact me today! I’d be glad to work with you and help you make a great impression!

Major Meeting
In addition to this exciting new chapter for the media group, we’ve had meetings with ICHF and Bill Frist in Memphis to get support for a future meeting with Haitian President Martelly. Our goal is to get the same NGO status in Haiti as we have in the Dominican and in America, and that will realistically be sped up after a meeting with the top dog himself.

Book Drive
Also, we’ve had a really successful book drive for our Jimani campus in the DR! More details about this can be found on Chadasha’s Facebook page!

Join the Team
If you’re interested in joining the Chadasha Foundation Media Team, I’d love to meet you. Feel free to contact me to discuss how you can contribute.