Open your eyes to the world. Obey God’s word. Occasion not to miss.

These were the three points at Pastor Jude’s Haitian church service this morning. The associate Pastor Jeanim delivered the message in Creole and Jude translated the main points in English at the end.

Worshiping in another language was very unique, and though I’d done it in spanish before, this particular morning was very different. We weren’t leading a group of people in praises like my previous experiences. I was amazed at how the congregation, band and church leaders wer so passionate about each word they sang and each note they played.

We were treated to an authentic Haitian version of American food for lunch at a local grille. The food was ironically more expensive than in America. We spent about 4 hours at this restaurant before leaving for the epicenter of the earthquake in downtown Port Au Prince.

The destruction was massive, but we’ve all seen pictures of earthquake-demolished Haitian buildings. There’s actually signs of rebuilding in some parts of the city, but they are still few and far between.

I have never seen more tents in the entirety of my life than I saw today in multiple tent cities.

I have never seen more trash that wasn’t in a landfill either.

The streets here are filthy. You have to walk through trash and dirty water to get in or around the streets.

There was one pregnant woman who approached me in the ruins of the grand cathedral asking me to take her picture. Her name is Samantha, and she is the woman pictured in the photo set. She asked us for money, but instead of giving her a dollar, I prayed over her and her baby. These people need much more than money.

They need hope.

My hope is that they can find hope in the small things and find faith in Jesus to provide them with the things they need to survive.

My heart is also broken tonight of stories of abused children today.

Junior, the little Haitian boy that appears many times in my photos so far, is a former child slave. He is four years old.

There’s so much this nation needs, I don’t know where to start. I’m just hoping that God can use me to tell their stories to people who can help.

That’s all for tonight.

With love in Christ,


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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Ben, these are amazing!! I’m so glad you are doing this, I feel as if I’m there with you all. I miss all of you and I’m praying fervently. Can’t wait to see more of the work God is doing through yall.


    Ben. Great work!
    I just returned from 4 days in Hinche, Haiti in the Central area. I take photos and work with a team from our twinning parish (Sacred Heart Cathedral and St. Bridget’s) here in Richmond, VA. We twin with Sacre Coeurs Parish in Hinche and the school in Carissade.
    Your comments and your photos do much to spread the word of Hope and the reality of the Haitian people. Keep up the wonderful, self-less work. God Bless. Mary Lynn


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