Today I finally got some good film in the can at a clinic we ran in a town up the north coast in Haiti.

We setup a full clinic with two general doctors, an optometrist and some nurses to go along with a semi-full service pharmacy.

The prescriptions were written on strips of notebook paper.

The kids were shy at first, but as you can see they opened up and every kid wanted a picture taken. After they went through the clinic, we had people outside to play with and try to talk to them.

One older guy was Jean-Jack, who let me take his portrait after we talked for about 20 minutes making jokes in English, French and Créole. He wants to study languages in Port Au Prince once he graduates the school he is at now.

On the way to the clinic site, we passed a local market which was extremely hectic with activity. Fruits and goods everywhere.

We stopped at a mass grave where half of Haiti’s earthquake victims were buried. Over 300,000 people died, so there are at least 150,000 people were buried here. A local told me that there were at least 50 dump truck loads of bodies brought to the site.

One thing that really touched me was that despite seeing over 200 patients today at the clinic, each one was important. Olken was first found in a clinic at an orphanage, and he’s come so far today.

I’ve added about 50 more photos to the slideshow. You can find them at the end of the show above.

That’s all for now.

With love in Christ,


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  1. Gina Drummer
    Gina Drummer says:

    Great job Ben in capturing the Haitian people and the work you guys are doing over there. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the pictures. Thanks for all you guys are doing. We are praying for you.


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