Moser Visuals LogoTypically, when you help someone out, you don’t expect anything in return—as you shouldn’t if you’re simply trying to do good. You’ll often receive a kind bit of “Thanks” from the person you helped, however.

I’m offering my thanks for your help ahead of time, and the best part is you CAN expect something in return—to the tune of a night out on the town!

As I’m growing my business, I understand the value of word-of-mouth endorsements from friends and customers. I would love to have a HUGE base of friends and customers to tell other folks about how much they’ve loved the work I’ve done for them, but as a relatively new business, my base of friends and customers is quite small.

Moser Visuals is developing a Rewards Program (for now, dubbed “Moser Visuals VIP Rewards”) and the first reward we’ve added is a referral bonus for ANYONE who sends someone our way. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to know two things: 1) What product/service would you refer people for? and 2) What is the reward?

  1. Well, the first referral system we’re building is for our Weddings brand, Knox Wedding Photo + Video. Send any folks you know our way for Knoxville, Nashville, or Destination Wedding Photography or Wedding Videography, and we’ll give you a substantial thank you!
  2. The referral bonus is a night out at one of Knoxville’s best local restaurants—Naples! From there you have two options, a credit for drinks at Naples or take in a film on the big screen at any Knoxville-based Regal Cinema. This reward is a $75 value!

The best part is, all you have to know is that we do fantastic wedding work that covers everything and that profits go to supporting the charitable work of the non-profit Chadasha Foundation in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

And all you have to do is tell someone you know who is engaged (or soon-to-be) about us. You don’t have to be a former customer, just let them know about us and that we have a complimentary consultation! If you share that small bit of information with those you know, you could get a night out on us!

To get a referral bonus, the couple you refer must put your name down as “Referred by” when they sign their wedding contract. Once they’ve signed a contract with us, you’re entitled to a night out at Naples Italian Restaurant and possibly a feature on the silver screen!

Don’t forget about the special promotion we’re running for the first 5 couples that book with Knox Wedding Photo + Video! Click here for details.

We’ll be adding 1-2 more referral bonuses soon for our Weddings brand, and more for others as we develop them. Thank you so much for keeping up with Moser Visuals and I hope I can give you a night out at Naples soon!

If you have any questions, please give me a call and I’d love to talk to you. (865-229-6673)