Andrew's Bald

Andrew's Bald

The Story

It’s Saturday afternoon, and the Vols have a bye.

I’ve gotten a lot done already, and plans to go hiking seemed to fall through when a friend who I had planned to go with needed to study instead.

I still wanted to go, and was excited when Billy, my roommate and the third person that was going to go hiking, was ready to run out the door. We decided to conquer “Andrew’s Bald”, a relatively short and easy hike with a great view (we didn’t have a lot of time for the more difficult trails).

Even though it was already past 3 p.m., the drive was going to take a minimum of nearly two hours, and the hike itself was estimated at 2.5 hours (do the math–well after sunset), we jumped in the car and set sail for the mountains.

After getting caught in traffic in both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN, and the car literally stopping on the way up the mountain roads, we made it to the trailhead around 7:15 or so.

After making our way down the trail at a relaxed pace, we realized we were losing light–fast. So we proceeded to run about a half-mile to make it to the Bald in time.

You can see the results. The view was amazing.

We hiked back with flashlights in the dark, and I took some more shots of the stars in the parking lot.

Afterwards, we went to eat at Fridays, and then he wanted to take photos of streaking lights, so I let him…haha.

I’m looking to do some more hiking this Fall, especially during the leaf-color-changing period. Know a good trail? Share it with everyone in the comments.

*All photos shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-70mm 2.8L lens.

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