Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones Runway

Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones RunwayI’ve posted quite a bit on the most recent Knoxville Fashion Week over the past two months (and I have a few more galleries I could write about from the Saturday events).

After thousands of pictures, and hundreds, if not thousands, of words, I don’t want to keep drawing out posting even more content from the event, so this is the final (planned) post about KFW Fall 2012—and I want to keep it short!

So this post is simply a “homepage” of sorts for you to find all the incredible photos from Knoxville Fashion Week, all the posts I made about KFW, and a quick guide to ordering any images and prints from any event.

Make sure you check out the fun highlight video posted above featuring photos from all the KFW Events!

What you can expect below:

  1. Link to view all the photo galleries from Knoxville Fashion Week, Fall 2012
  2. All the photo blog posts I’ve made from Knoxville Fashion Week, including all the behind-the-scenes action and stories
  3. Ordering information for all KFW photos
  4. A special deal for everyone reading this post!

I had a blast photographing and telling stories from KFW, meeting new friends, and making new business partnerships, and I look forward to doing it again!

Enjoy 🙂

P.S.: I’ve got some great images from recent shoots coming to the blog soon…so stay tuned! I do portrait, fashion, commercial, and event photography at top quality. Contact me today to capture your best side!

Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones Runway

1. (Click to) View all the Photo Galleries from Knoxville Fashion Week, Fall 2012, including:

2. Photo Blog Posts about Knoxville Fashion Week, Fall 2012

3. Ordering Information for all KFW Photos

I’ve made all the images from Knoxville Fashion Week easy to order as prints, art products, or digital files, so everyone can keep they’re favorite images for as long as they’d like in pretty much any medium they want!

Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones Runway

Ordering is EASY with my online ordering system connected to one of America’s best print labs for those prints and art products. Just click here to make your way to the Knoxville Fashion Week event page and check in, browse all the galleries, add pictures to your cart and check out! If you have any questions or issues, please let me know ASAP and I’ll personally guarantee your satisfaction.

Basic pricing guides:

  • Professional Prints from $4.99
  • Mounted Prints from $29.99
  • Photo Cards from $12.99
  • Canvas Gallery Wraps from $99.99
  • Art Products and Merchandise from $9.99
  • Digital File Downloads from $2.99

You will love the images to select from, so make sure you purchase some goodies and gifts for you, your friends, your family, or your loved ones (especially as the holidays approach!). Click here to visit the KFW Event Galleries! Remember, all purchases support my charity work to help the Haitian and Dominican people, primarily kids, have a better quality of life (or a life at all). I thank you so very much, in advance, for any contributions you choose to make.

4. Also, if you mention Knoxville Fashion Week at any time during the remainder of 2012, you get a $50 discount for a Portrait Design Experience at Knoxville Portraits!
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