Pastor J
Pastor J

The pastor of the church in Port Au Prince follows along in his Bible and makes notes to translate the message to the visiting Americans.

Imagine being immersed in a culture you don’t understand, that speaks a language you can’t translate, in a place you couldn’t navigate with a map. There’s hardly anything in common between you and these people who look, act and sound nothing like you or what you are familiar with. Even the most basic of ideas must be painstakingly demonstrated to communicate–and even then you aren’t sure if you got the message across successfully.

Now imagine that those people began singing a song in which you know the lyrics by memory; praising the same Savior you’ve traveled across the ocean to share with a passion unmatched by your fellow believers at home.

In English.

That’s the treat I want to share with you today. During the second day of my first trip to Haiti, the choir (and congregation) at the church we attended Sunday morning had prepared to sing a song of praise to Jesus that we could join them in (and know what we were singing–which is crucial for authentic worship).

Here’s a recording (not studio quality by any means) of the Haitian church and the Americans who visited them singing “Worthy is the Lamb” in unison. It is beautiful in its context and imperfections, which ironically are why we all need the redeeming love of Jesus.

MP3 Download (Right-click and “Save As” to download): “Worthy is the Lamb”

Also, please continue to pray for Pastor J and his wife Y, who were robbed in their home only 2 nights ago. The robbers kidnapped Y and we still don’t have any information as to who has her or where she might be. This is their church and their ministry.

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