Neyland Stadium

Time-lapse camera on roof

Instead of being inside Neyland Stadium during the Tennessee vs. Alabama game this year, I was on top of Laurel Hall in Fort Sanders. Not exactly next door, as you can see below:

Map of UT campus

The top left blue point is Laurel Hall. The bottom right is obviously Neyland Stadium. At least an 8 city block gap exists between the two.

I was shooting a time-lapse of the entire stadium from day to dark for UT Athletics.

Fortunately, this allowed me to not be subject to the inhumanity of the game as Alabama handily defeated the Vols.

It also gave me a unique perspective of Knoxville–one that most people will never see (along with the roof of the Ayres belltower, but that particular excursion was quite illegal…and more fun).

I saw the entire city from downtown and the mountains to the East to the horizon and sunset to the West. Both day and night (as I was up there for approximately 8 hours).

I shared a few photos at the top from the experience, which altogether was a fun one.

You can also download a Neyland Stadium desktop wallpaper I created from one of the shots of Neyland here.

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