Hey folks!

I’m feeling pretty candid about how I’m growing my business and want to experiment in a public social sphere, because I think y’all’s opinions can be really helpful to the success of Moser Visuals. Plus, once you try to do something yourself, it’s almost like you forget everything you’ve learned or thought as a consumer. Kinda like giving solid relationship advice to everyone else but being inept at applying anything resembling intelligent romantic decisions yourself.

As a part of my initial marketing plan, I’m experimenting with social specials. I’ve got a lot of ideas, but I need your help to know if they’ll be awesome or duds. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

First up: A Foursquare Special!

“Social Promo @ Moser Visuals Studio – Foursquare 1st Visit Gift: 1 photo on your 1st check-in! ($100 value). Check in @ The Studio today!”

Would a gift image be a draw for you? One quick-and-dirty headshot on the seamless white backdrop in any outfit that you can post to Facebook or Twitter or put in a frame or wherever! You get the image file (normally $100) after a quick processing no later than the next day. All you *have* to do is check in on Foursquare. It’d be super duper if you talked me up to your friends and family in person and online, and I’d really appreciate it, but you wouldn’t have to. And any donations would be absolutely accepted, but there’s absolutely no obligation to give anything (but remember, I’m also working to help kids in Haiti and the DR 🙂 ).

Question for you:

Do you respond to Foursquare Specials from businesses, and if so, what has been the best special you’ve seen?