Southern Grace Showroom Opening Event Photo

Southern Grace Showroom Opening Event PhotoOne of my favorite benefits from being at Knoxville Fashion Week was meeting two wonderful new friends, Leah Dailey and Lacey Fleming.

Leah and Lacey are the owners of a fabulous and Southern fashion boutique that began as trunk shows hosted by customers at their homes and has now made its way into a brand new (and fantastically decorated) retail showroom space!

The ladies of Southern Grace invited Knoxville Portraits to their main event for a photo booth to capture them and their guests celebrating the opening of the new space. You can see the images from the Southern Grace photo booth here.

We’ve posted all the images from the Southern Grace Showroom Opening online! More information about the online gallery is at the end of the post.

What you can expect in this post:

  1. Behind-the-scenes story about selecting a photo booth location
  2. How you can shop with Southern Grace
  3. Info about Knoxville Portraits Events and Social Media
  4. Ordering Info for photos from the Southern Grace Showroom Opening
  5. A Special deal for all of you reading this post!

1. A funny behind-the-scenes story is that of selecting a backdrop for the photo booth.

I had intended to set up a seamless white backdrop in the showroom space, but when I arrived, the showroom was full of clothing racks (surprise, right?). Plan B was to try to set up outside with sand bags, because there was no wind. Lo and behold, as soon as the backdrop was set up, wind happened and despite holding up for 10-15 minutes of brute wind force, the backdrop failed miserably.

On to Plan C, which should have been Plan A. In the showroom was the awesome “Letter Wall” you see in the background of all the photos. It served as a great and very creative backdrop to the photo booth images and much better than what I had anticipated. The best laid plans . . .

All that to say, the decor in the showroom was fantastic, and these ladies did it all in two weeks!


2. You can visit Southern Grace at 

207 Center Park Drive
Suite 2120
Knoxville, TN 37922
(click here to find it on Google Maps)

or visit them online at

Their showroom hours are posted on their Facebook account, so make sure you check it out.


3. Knoxville Portraits is available to capture your next event, whether it is a large corporate affair or a small and more intimate gathering, in any format you desire! Call us today at (865) 229-6673 or email for more information.

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4. Ordering Information for photos from the Southern Grace Showroom Opening

I’ve made all the images from the Southern Grace Showroom Opening easy to order as prints, art products, or digital files, so everyone can keep they’re favorite images for as long as they’d like in pretty much any medium they want!

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