It’s been a long time coming.

The build-up to this moment has been like the “drumroll” before a kiss. So many events and experiences in my life have led to this day (well, not really this day, but I’m trying to be super duper dramatic here) that it has only been a question of “when” and not “if.”

This day, I’m finally posting a new blog! Oh, and I also left my well-paying and comfortable job at one of the largest cable network companies in America to start my own small business: Moser Visuals. Moser Visuals is a photo, video, and design company designed to support my volunteer role as the Director of Media for the Chadasha Foundation.

The Chadasha Foundation is an international non-profit organization primarily doing medical missions and children’s ministries (but so many other amazing things as well) in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I’ve been working with Chadasha for about a year and a half at this point, and it’s been difficult to juggle working a full-time job with the things I need to do for Chadasha. So, the logical step is to start a business right?

Probably not normally, but I needed the flexibility in scheduling, travel, and working hours to be able to continue growing in my role and properly working on projects as the Director of Media. So far, it’s been a step back, because I’m focused on marketing my fledgling business and getting some flexibility with revenue so I can really devote some time to the organization’s priorities, which include a website and a documentary on Chadasha’s “Heartbeat of Haiti” program designed to give life-saving heart surgeries to otherwise  helpless Haitian children (the majority of which has already been shot).

I love working for myself (it’s everything you dream of, really) but it is a whole new ballgame (it’s also everything you dream of as nightmares as well). Self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-everything are huuuge. I can’t recommend doing what I have done to everyone, but so far, it’s working out.

In an effort to communicate with you, Internetz, I’ll be posting a few blogs a week covering work and recent jobs, info/tips/helpful stuff, and some personal tidbits. Since I don’t have a set formula yet, y’all can help mold what I post about and share. Also, I’m trying to figure out this whole marketing beast, so any input would be extremely welcome!

I’m curious: What content do you all want and expect from a business guy (especially a photo+video+design one), and how/where do you want to receive it?

Later this week, I’ll be making an exciting announcement regarding one main part of my business and there will be a super-awesome giveaway component involved as well. Check back in a few days!

Lastly, check out my business, seriously, and let me know how I can help you with your visual needs. Have a heart and throw me a bone…it supports charity too! 🙂

– Ben K. Moser