Dr. Doiron poses with many of the homeless at KARM that gave nearly $200 to help the burned Haitian baby.

Dr. Clint Doiron is the founder of the Chadasha Foundation, an organization that does a lot of work with helping children in Haiti with medical, physical and spiritual needs.

Clint keeps a regular journal, and I’ve tried to get him to post his journal stories on a blog so that others can learn about and share his amazing experiences across the world. He’s yet to do this, but he did email me a story from his journal recently that is too amazing not to be shared. While reading this aloud, it brought me to tears. Below is his journal/email exactly as it was sent. There are two photos at the end of the entry, one of which depicts a burned Haitian baby and is quite graphic.

To all,

Tonight we all witnessed a miracle at the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. Michael Borkman, who is in our Bible Study, delivered a sermon about planting the seed of faith in Jesus Christ. After Michael’s brilliant sermon, I showed images of that beautiful little boy so badly burned in Port au Prince, Haiti. The passage that we read was Luke 21:2 about the widow who gave out of her poverty rather than out of her wealth.  One of the KARM residents offered his hat to be passed for the that child.  When we passed the hat, virtually every one of these poor, downtrodden men and women placed money, jewelry, watches and whatever they had in the hat.  We collected close to two hundred dollars, but what was the most rewarding was the joy on their faces as they offered the little that they had, giving out of their poverty. Many came forward to be prayed for, some for re-dedication of their lives to Christ, some to receive Him for the first time.
It was a great moment in my life to see the poorest of our society giving to the poorest of the poor in the Third World.  It is a moment that my heart and soul will never forget.  We must help this little  boy in excruciating pain who is being so nobly cared for in their home in Port au Prince.
Let’s give to his cause out of our wealth. If you are moved by his plight, please go to the Chadasha website and give. Pictured above are just a few that both gave and received.

This is just a small snapshot into what Clint and the Chadasha Foundation does, and exactly why I choose to donate my skills and services to them. If you are interested in giving to this wonderful organization, you can do so here.

I am flying down to Haiti Wednesday morning to begin production on a short documentary about a few children from extremely impoverished homes who are traveling across the border to the Domincan Republic to receive free life-saving heart surgeries, all because of the work of Chadasha. If you are a follower of Jesus like myself, I ask that you pray for the children receiving the surgeries–that they may be successful operations and recover with ease.

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