Creative Business Cards That Stand Out
Creative Business Cards That Stand Out

This business card spread only contains two unique business cards. The variety of display options and interactivity are tremendous, and there are even more than shown above. They’re quite the conversation-starter…which comes in handy with establishing new relationships.

Everyone wants to be unique, but most people simply aren’t.

For businesses, the margin for standing out from the crowd can often be extremely thin. Being unique isn’t enough: It’s just as vital that you are able to communicate to your potential client that you are unique as it is to be different.

Success can hinge on something as small as your business card. Google “creative business cards,” and you’ll find a plethora of thorough lists and examples of unique business cards. So how do you stand out from the competition? Read more

One of the amazing benefits of working with so many wonderful clients is simply getting to know you and your incredible stories.

The Community
This happens all the time, and my business—whether I’m doing photography, video production, or digital design—is based on telling stories…so I love hearing my clients’ stories and I want to create a platform to share them. A huge project I’ll be incorporating into the entire Moser Visuals Network in the future is developing a community with so many incredible features for all of you. I’ll share more information about this after the new year, but it is exciting news and I can’t wait to unveil it!

Part of the new community is this idea of sharing incredible client stories. For now, I’ll call each one a Community Featured Story. The first one features the incredible story of the Roberts family. If you want me to tell your story, consider becoming a client of any one of the Moser Visuals Network companies: Moser Visuals, Knoxville Portraits, or Knox Wedding Photo + Video!

*Editor’s Note: The original graphic published with this article referenced the Roberts family as being from Alabama, not Mississippi, as the updated and correct graphic now reflects.

The Roberts family claims they are just an ordinary family of four from Southern Mississippi, but after reading their story, you might claim otherwise. Their family includes Greg and Michelle (the parents), Dustin and Ashton (the two natural-born kids), and Isaac (their adopted Haitian son). I asked Michelle to tell their story, and these are her words: Read more

Smoky Mountain Gift Show - Knoxville Portraits

Smoky Mountain Gift Show - Knoxville PortraitsI’m hanging out at the Moser Visuals booth at Knoxville Fashion Week during a down period of the day, so I walk across the aisle and start a conversation with Scott Murphy, the husband of one of the custom children’s clothing designers (Heidi Murphy, Keoni Fashions) who is manning the booth while she’s preparing for her runway show.

We talked about a variety of things, including photography, but nothing really in particular. He was a great guy and it was nice to simply pass some of the time with good conversation. The last runway show ends (I was shooting it) and I returned from my booth to begin tearing it down. Unfortunately, their booth was already torn down and they had already left—and I wasn’t able to even say goodbye.

About a month ago, I got a phone call from an unknown number, and it just so happened to be Scott. He was calling to let me know about an opportunity to photograph for Urban Expositions at their huge expo in Gatlinburg, Tenn.: The Smoky Mountain Gift Show. Many thanks to him for referring me to the gig, and it just goes to show you that it’s really important to be genuine and friendly with everyone! You can always pay it forward to that someone later when they aren’t expecting it. Read more

Moser Visuals Storybooks

Moser Visuals StorybooksOne of my favorite ways to tell beautiful stories is designing a Storybook, especially for telling love stories with Knox Wedding Photo + Video!

Here are some images of our b-e-a-utiful sample Storybook! Storybooks can be created to tell any story—from your baby’s first year to your wedding to your senior year, and anything in between! Interested in having one of these in your home? Contact me to discuss what story you’d like to tell! We can create a Storybook for any budget too!

Sample Storybook Details

  • Production: Handmade in Italy from the finest materials
  • Design: Custom Designed for You

Read more

Knox Wedding Photo + Video 2013 Pricing Guide Cover

Knox Wedding Photo + Video 2013 Pricing Guide CoverWe are nearing a new year, and with that comes many great new opportunities! It also means the release of the 2013 Pricing Guide from Knox Wedding Photo + Video, which contains tons of great information about the offerings of KWPV!

Changes to the 2013 Pricing Guide

  • New photo and cinema packages! Now offering five packages instead of three. The newbies: the Foundation Package and the Diamond Premium Package, which bookend the previous package offerings.
  • Lowered Pricing! With the updated pricing, KWPV has lowered the pricing points for many of the packages offered, while still offering the same amazing value!
  • New Products! We’ve added many wonderful new products for both photo and cinema, including Blu-ray!
  • Many more! Get a free PDF download of the Pricing Guide to see all the new and updated content for yourself!

To get a free PDF download of the 2013 Pricing Guide, simply fill out the contact form at Knox Wedding Photo + Video today, and we’ll send it to you!

Knoxville Portraits - The Roberts Family

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my family in the Smoky Mountains, and I hope each of you had just as great of a weekend as I did.

In addition to spending a lot of great time with my family, I also had the privilege to spend some time with some of my Chadasha family—the Roberts family. They wanted to get some new family portraits, so I was more than happy to oblige since they lived nearby.

Knoxville Portraits - The Roberts FamilyHere’s a sample image of their Portrait Design Experience from Knoxville Portraits. They are such a great-looking family and they have amazing hearts for serving the world as well!

You can get your Portrait Design Experience (PDE)—just like the Roberts—for a huge discount today only! Read more

Knoxville Portraits Fashion Photography

Knoxville Portraits Fashion PhotographyCyber Monday Specials are listed below the fashion photo shoot story.

Each Fall in East Tennessee, a beautiful and wonderful phenomenon happens to the world around us: The leaves begin to turn from the ho-hum green to radiant colors of warmth and joy!

This is pure gold for photography backdrops, both figuratively and sometimes literally. While I’ve done my fair share of posing for and taking of portraits in the gorgeous Fall colors, I’ve never done a fashion shoot during Fall. Until last month, that is. I also wanted to try out Read more

Moser Visuals Digital Mag Holiday

Moser Visuals Digital Mag Holiday

Happy November to all of you lovely people! It’s getting chilly and the time has now fallen back . . . all signs we are getting close to my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Some of you may choose to celebrate differently than me, whether you’re in another country and don’t recognize America’s Thanksgiving or of a different set of beliefs and Christmas isn’t on your calendar. Even if we don’t celebrate the same things, odds are you’ll be getting together with family and friends many times in the next two months and taking lots of pictures. As such, I wanted to put together a quick tips guide to getting great photos at your holiday events, because, let’s face it . . . I can’t be at all of your parties! 🙂

Below the great tips are some great ideas for your holiday portraits and how I can help capture them!

3 Easy-To-Remember Tips for Great Holiday Photos Read more

Knoxville Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament

Knoxville Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf TournamentI mentioned the other day about how I met some great people at Knoxville Fashion Week, specifically the gals at Southern Grace.

Another fantastic relationship I was able to establish was with the wonderful folks responsible for making professional hockey happen in Knoxville—the Knoxville Ice Bears!

They contacted me a few weeks back about the Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament and ended up inviting Knoxville Portraits to document all the events and capture the golfers. Since it was a charity event, I donated Knoxville Portraits’ event services for the tournament, as well as a door prize and silent auction package—and the event was a success! The Ice Bears were able to fund some youth hockey scholarships right here in East Tennessee. You can see the images from the Ice Bears’ charity golf tournament here.

We’ve posted all the images from the golf tournament online! More information about the online gallery is at the end of the post.

What you can expect in this post:

  1. More info about the Ice Bears
  2. Info about Knoxville Portraits Events and Social Media
  3. Ordering Info for photos from the Ice Bears’ Charity Classic Golf Tournament
  4. A Special deal for all of you reading this post!

P.S.: I’ve got some great images from recent shoots coming to the blog soon…so stay tuned! I do portrait, fashion, commercial, and event photography at top quality. Contact me today to capture your best side! Read more

Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones Runway

Knoxville Fashion Week Photos - SOM by Kelley Jones RunwayI’ve posted quite a bit on the most recent Knoxville Fashion Week over the past two months (and I have a few more galleries I could write about from the Saturday events).

After thousands of pictures, and hundreds, if not thousands, of words, I don’t want to keep drawing out posting even more content from the event, so this is the final (planned) post about KFW Fall 2012—and I want to keep it short!

So this post is simply a “homepage” of sorts for you to find all the incredible photos from Knoxville Fashion Week, all the posts I made about KFW, and a quick guide to ordering any images and prints from any event.

Make sure you check out the fun highlight video posted above featuring photos from all the KFW Events!

What you can expect below:

  1. Link to view all the photo galleries from Knoxville Fashion Week, Fall 2012
  2. All the photo blog posts I’ve made from Knoxville Fashion Week, including all the behind-the-scenes action and stories
  3. Ordering information for all KFW photos
  4. A special deal for everyone reading this post!

Read more