The final heat of the 2011 NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving Championships in Knoxville, Tenn. began with more drama than any men’s heat in the last 31 years. Denison had to finish within two spots of Kenyon to retain its lead and unseat the only overall champion the sport had seen in 31 years.

The full slideshow of photos from the event is located at the end of the story.

I remember showing up at my first UT football game as a photographer. Not a fan, student or band member, but with my mind focused on my goals for the next few hours and working to learn and accomplish those goals.  I was impressed with how nice the facilities were, but it didn’t come as a surprise to me–this is Tennessee, an FBS (Division I) SEC program with a top-10 all-time winning percentage.

Neyland Stadium is known for being one of the largest stadiums in America–over 100,000 in capacity, but after the multimillion dollar renovations to its interior and exterior, it is one of the nation’s most beautiful as well.

Money goes to what people care about most, and Volunteer football is a big-revenue operation. Neyland Stadium is one of the oldest, finest and largest stadiums in the country for a reason–people are fanatical about the cleated brethren that don the orange and white jerseys and hit the wooden sign that says “I will give my all for Tennessee today,” as they leave the locker room.

The Tennessee football locker room has been compared to the quality of NFL locker rooms.

That locker room, by the way, was recently renovated and named for Peyton Manning after he made a $1 million contribution to the Neyland Stadium renovation project. According to UT’s website, Phase II of this plan alone was an estimated $27.4 million.

The media rooms that I’ve worked in on field level and in the press box are beautiful and spacious areas. They serve a pre-game meal, halftime meal, and snacks and pizza after the game to working members of the press. A similar routine occurs at men’s and women’s basketball games in Thompson Boling Arena. In addition, all media get parking passes near the venue, a storage area for gear, work space for writing/editing/uploading and dedicated athletic department personnel to help them solve problems and accomplish (most of ) their needs.

None of that exists at the Division III (DIII) level. Read more

Neyland Stadium

Time-lapse camera on roof

Instead of being inside Neyland Stadium during the Tennessee vs. Alabama game this year, I was on top of Laurel Hall in Fort Sanders. Not exactly next door, as you can see Read more


The Story

The University of Tennessee football team made regular appearances in the national media in 2009, typically due to the antics of former coach Lane Kiffin.

This is a highlight video from the UT vs. South Carolina and UT vs. Memphis home games from the 2009 season. Tennessee made headlines for wearing black jerseys against South Carolina because the game was played on Halloween.

The Story Behind the Story

After spending a few months assisting in the production of Tennessee athletic events and special shoots, I had the desire to create my own vision for a highlight video that I hadn’t really seen done at Tennessee before.

The initial purpose for the video was to use it in recruiting and Tennessee Athletics promotions online. Unfortunately, Lane Kiffin left after the 2009 season–and because the video included shots of his coaching staff, it’s usage had expired.



  • Producer: BEN MOSER
  • Camera Operator: BEN MOSER
  • Senior Editor: BEN MOSER

Special Thanks

  • Music: Lacrimosa Dominae by Immediate.


Shot on a Canon XH-A1 with Letus Extreme; Lenses: Canon FD 50mm f1.8, FD 24mm 2.8, FD 70-300mm f4.5. Location: Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tenn.