Knox Wedding Photo + Video 2013 Pricing Guide Cover

Knox Wedding Photo + Video 2013 Pricing Guide CoverWe are nearing a new year, and with that comes many great new opportunities! It also means the release of the 2013 Pricing Guide from Knox Wedding Photo + Video, which contains tons of great information about the offerings of KWPV!

Changes to the 2013 Pricing Guide

  • New photo and cinema packages! Now offering five packages instead of three. The newbies: the Foundation Package and the Diamond Premium Package, which bookend the previous package offerings.
  • Lowered Pricing! With the updated pricing, KWPV has lowered the pricing points for many of the packages offered, while still offering the same amazing value!
  • New Products! We’ve added many wonderful new products for both photo and cinema, including Blu-ray!
  • Many more! Get a free PDF download of the Pricing Guide to see all the new and updated content for yourself!

To get a free PDF download of the 2013 Pricing Guide, simply fill out the contact form at Knox Wedding Photo + Video today, and we’ll send it to you!

I’m running an errand to the mall last week, and when you go to the mall (for any reason), you have to stop in the Apple Store. It’s a law somewhere, I’m convinced.

So I stop in the Apple Store to check out the beautiful new Macbook Pro that Apple released last month with the brand new Retina display (2880×1800 pixels on the 15″ model).

While being amazed by the gorgeous resolution and even slimmer profile of the laptop, a thought occurred to me:

The resolution of this computer is greater than an HDTV.

This isn’t news, and it can’t really count as a revelation, but it got me thinking. And it brings up a very, very important point that is news and everyone who creates digital visuals of some sort should pay attention to:

Apple’s Retina display is a sign of times to come, and you better prepare to change your process now.

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The Story

Calvary Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee has a primary goal of ministering to college students on the University of Tennessee’s campus, which is roughly a mile away from the church.

To express the church’s college ministry effectively to new students and essentially explain “Who we are,” they wanted to create a promotional video that seamlessly integrated it’s core values and definition of church with testimony of what the ministry has done for current members.

If you want to know more about Calvary, visit their website​.

Director’s Commentary

Calvary’s approach to reaching college students has never waivered since they began 100 years ago, but they needed to really update their methods–especially online. Trying to convey all the aspects of a church ministry in an unscripted three-minute video is difficult, but I’m happy with the results and so is Calvary.

All of the testimony from the students interviewed was written by the students themselves. None of the work was scripted by myself. I felt that added a lot of authenticity and originality to what otherwise would be a crowded segment of church “about us” videos online.

Calvary is using this video to introduce new members to the church on their Facebook page.



  • Producer: BEN MOSER
  • Associate Producer: BILLY CRAWFORD
  • Director: BEN MOSER
  • Editor: BEN MOSER
  • Director of Photography: BEN MOSER

Special Thanks

  • Music: “SMS [Shine]” by David Crowder*Band


Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with 24-70mm f/2.8L lens in Knoxville, Tenn.