Curious Haitian Boy

Curious Haitian Boy

I love photography and video, but my heart also belongs to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


I’ve traveled to many places in the world, but none has gripped me more than my first visit to Haiti, and soon after, the D.R.
The people are mainly positive and resourceful, hard-working and funny. Despite numerous obvious needs, they get up each day with an attitude I wish I could capture for myself on a daily basis. Immediately, I knew I wanted to help them in any way I could. As a Christian, I had felt a calling to invest in the lives of Haitians, but had no connections to the country and no idea how to contribute.

I soon found a way to use my talents as a visual artist and my training in communications to help–and eventually partnered with–the Chadasha Foundation (pronounced “Kuh-dah-shuh”), a Knoxville faith-based international non-profit with year-round ministries in both Haiti and the D.R.

Chadasha is a fantastic organization with dedicated people doing incredible work. Chadasha’s focus is primarily in medical missions and children’s ministry in both countries. It has four main operations centers (Port-au-Prince and an ocean-front Orphanage Retreat Center on the North Peninsula in Haiti, and Jimani and Santiago in the D.R.). The best part about Chadasha is the organization has no administrative costs, as all the non-missionary staff are volunteers. All donations go straight to ministry.

As the Director of Media for Chadasha, I also am a volunteer, and income from my business, Moser Visuals, directly supports the amazing work of this foundation–more than you could ever know. When you or someone you know has photography, video, or graphic design needs in the future, please give me a call and I’d love to create some amazing work for you—and you can know that you’re doing that much good for the world. I like to call it PHILANTHROGRAPHY, but it’s really just helping other people.

Thank you so much for your support!

– Ben K. Moser