Calvary Baptist Church

The Problem

Knoxville’s Calvary Baptist Church had a thriving college student program and a strong church base, but there were new marketing, outreach, promotional, and brand identity needs that had not been uniformly addressed in the growing age of online interconnectivity.

The Solution

Having in-depth knowledge of the mission and programs available at the church, I began by establishing a consistent and strong brand identity for the college program (which had its own branding). From there, I began creating new materials for everyday use, such as graphics for social media accounts and weekly programs for services. When more promotion was needed, I produced multi-media marketing campaigns to grow attendance and impressions on campus. And, during our flagship event each spring, I designed a suite of new event branded materials and directed the production of the multi-day event. With an enormous amount of new assets, the church and college program was able to increase its audience, impact, and mission in our area.