Knoxville Fashion Week - Emerging Designers Runway

Knoxville Fashion Week - Emerging Designers RunwayYou can get images from any of the events during Knoxville Fashion Week! Details are at the end of the post.

The second day of Knoxville Fashion Week highlighted the creativity of relative newcomers to the fashion scene. The “Emerging Designers Runway” displayed some wonderful new fashions from the following:

Knoxville Fashion Week - Emerging Designers RunwayThe event was held at Lighthouse Knoxville, a beautiful and homey event venue tucked away from distractions near Bearden Hill. Read more

Knoxville Fashion Week - Behind the Scenes
Knoxville Fashion Week - Behind the Scenes

Knoxville Fashion Week model Amber Borzotra smiles down at the camera below while her stylist has her lean forward on her knees as he works magic on her hair to prepare her for the runway.

You can get images from any of the events during Knoxville Fashion Week! Details are at the end of the post.

Knoxville Fashion Week - Behind the Scenes

Serene Amber

Knoxville Fashion Week - Behind the Scenes

Silly Amber

Whether I’m creating a single image, capturing many images and writing about them, or composing a film, I absolutely love to tell a story.

During Knoxville Fashion Week (Fall 2012), I was able to do just that by documenting the process of putting on a runway event! In fact, when I arrived at Knoxville Lighthouse, rockstar model Amber Borzotra pulled in right after me, so I followed much of her preparation process.


Knoxville Fashion Week - Behind the Scenes

A few local teenage models watch as Amber’s hair is styled while they wait for the rehearsal to begin.

The event was the “Emerging Designers Runway,” which featured many up-and-coming area designers of clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. The featured designers included:

In the gallery slideshow above, you can see behind-the-scenes as normal girls are transformed to gorgeous runway models through hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes. Read more

Knoxville Fashion Week Model
Knoxville Fashion Week Model

This Knoxville Fashion Week model had to study for her art history class at an area high school between getting her hair and makeup done and the start of the runway event.

KNOXVILLE, TENN. – I really just wanted to use a date line to give this post some clout!

Last night was Knoxville Fashion Week‘s Emerging Designers show and the emerging designers brought it! I’m no fashion guru (quite the opposite, I’m sure), but I really thought the fashion displayed was quite excellent.

I arrived early to photograph the models preparing for the evening’s runway and wanted to document a lot of the “behind-the-scenes” elements of the fashion show experience. It was a blast and I’ve gotten to meet some really fun folks in the process! (I’m looking at you, models, hair, and makeup friends 😛 )

These are just a few images I had the pleasure of capturing from Day 2 of Knoxville Fashion Week – Fall 2012. I’ll be posting an extensive set next week after all the events have concluded. Read more

Phil Wickham poses for the cover of his CD, Cannons, on which “True Love” was released. (Courtesy

Have you ever thought about why you greet people with, “Happy Easter!”?

The event is tragic–involving disgrace, torture, physical and verbal abuse, hanging, the wrath of God, sin and finally death. Sounds super happy, right?

Let’s go on a relevant tangent for a moment. Read more

John Mark McMillan posted a still from a music video outtake on his Facebook fan page.

If you consider yourself in the popular Christian community, you’ve heard “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band (DCB).

I’ve blogged about them before for their creativity in using a LITE-BRITE and stop-motion in their newest music video for “SMS (Shine),” also mentioning previous work and its creative merits.

So it’s only natural that they would record this song, with deep-rooted metaphors and highly-biblical meanings. It’s a hit in Christian radio circles, peaking at #8 in Christian Songs according to (the song page was giving error messages at the time of posting).

If you’re outside of the mainstream Christian music scene, or don’t consider yourself a Jesus-follower at all, you’ve probably not heard the song that causes some controversy over it’s use of metaphors and lyrics. Read more