Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament

I’m thrilled to share that Knoxville Portraits is the Official Photographer for the 3rd Annual Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament October 4th at Three Ridges Golf Course in Knoxville!

Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament

This is the second event Knoxville Portraits has been featured at in the past two months (with more in the works!) and the first time the philanthropic portrait design studio has the Official Photographer designation. We’ve been in conversation with the Ice Bears for the past few weeks and can’t wait to be out on the fairways and greens this Thursday taking photos and meeting many new folks.

Knoxville Portraits will also have some major prizes for attendees, with nearly $250 worth of items we’ve donated to the silent auction and one lucky winner will get over $1000 worth of items in the door prize drawing! Read more

Dr. Doiron poses with many of the homeless at KARM that gave nearly $200 to help the burned Haitian baby.

Dr. Clint Doiron is the founder of the Chadasha Foundation, an organization that does a lot of work with helping children in Haiti with medical, physical and spiritual needs.

Clint keeps a regular journal, and I’ve tried to get him to post his journal stories on a blog so that others can learn about and share his amazing experiences across the world. He’s yet to do this, but he did email me a story from his journal recently that is too amazing not to be shared. While reading this aloud, it brought me to tears. Below is his journal/email exactly as it was sent. Read more

All the orphans from this orphanage were evacuated and taken to Chadasha's guest house in Port-au-Prince--nearly 80 kids in all.

The rain never ends, but they have nowhere dry to go.
They live in tents, and shelter is hard to come by. So is food. And clothes.

And none of them have parents–most lost in the earthquake.

Then, as if the earthquake, politcal instability, and loss of parents isn’t enough, these Haitian orphans were flooded out of the only place they had left–their dirt poor orphanage, now comprised of mud holes, standing water and tarps.

They are great kids–really. Just watch this video and you’ll see that just because they are parent-less and homeless doesn’t mean they are depressed or downhearted. Read more