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MyWedding LogoHello everyone!

I hope this post finds you well! I know that I’ve said it before, but it deserves to be repeated: Thank you so much for supporting me and Moser Visuals! It has truly been a privilege to create wonderful visual products and art for you all and do the same for Chadasha because of your support.

MyWedding Badge - Find us on MyWedding

The great announcements keep coming in, and this isn’t breaking news, but Knox Wedding Photo + Video is a Featured Vendor on MyWedding, your all-in-one wedding planning resource.  You can use to get inspired with photo galleries (but you could look at ours too!), get informed with their planning tips, and get organized using their planning tools. Jump start your planning and find the best vendors for your special day on MyWedding!

Thanks to you all, Knox Wedding Photo + Video already has more “loves” (think Facebook likes, but more valuable) than any other wedding photographers in Knoxville and Gatlinburg on MyWedding! Read more

Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament

I’m thrilled to share that Knoxville Portraits is the Official Photographer for the 3rd Annual Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament October 4th at Three Ridges Golf Course in Knoxville!

Ice Bears Charity Classic Golf Tournament

This is the second event Knoxville Portraits has been featured at in the past two months (with more in the works!) and the first time the philanthropic portrait design studio has the Official Photographer designation. We’ve been in conversation with the Ice Bears for the past few weeks and can’t wait to be out on the fairways and greens this Thursday taking photos and meeting many new folks.

Knoxville Portraits will also have some major prizes for attendees, with nearly $250 worth of items we’ve donated to the silent auction and one lucky winner will get over $1000 worth of items in the door prize drawing! Read more

Knoxville Portraits - Fine Art Portrait

Knoxville Portraits LogoI’m extremely excited to make an announcement that should surprise no one who has been keeping up with the blog in the past two weeks. It’s in the soft-launch phase, but Knoxville Fashion Week was the unveiling event for Moser Visuals‘ newest feature brand for portraits and photography.

Everyone, meet Knoxville Portraits. Knoxville Portraits, meet everyone!

Knoxville Portraits (KP) is the premier choice for portrait photography in Knoxville and East Tennessee Area (Middle Tennessee, you’re included as well!). KP offers family, children’s, couples, and high school seniors portraiture, and professional headshots, fashion, and event photography as well.

What makes Knoxville Portraits unique? Through the complimentary consultation, we tailor your portrait experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. This isn’t a cookie cutter portrait studio with a “Say cheese and click” approach. KP works with you to create your own photographic art and design your family heirlooms. Read more

 More great news for you from Moser Visuals!

Earlier this week, I announced the first referral reward for our Moser Visuals VIP Rewards program: A night out on the town including dinner at Knoxville’s own Naples Italian Restaurant and your option of drinks at Naples or a movie at Knoxville-based Regal Cinemas!

Today, I have another option from which you can choose: A custom fine wine basket from Knoxville’s own Blue Slip Winery, located in the heart of the historic Old City! Read more

Moser Visuals LogoTypically, when you help someone out, you don’t expect anything in return—as you shouldn’t if you’re simply trying to do good. You’ll often receive a kind bit of “Thanks” from the person you helped, however.

I’m offering my thanks for your help ahead of time, and the best part is you CAN expect something in return—to the tune of a night out on the town!

As I’m growing my business, I understand the value of word-of-mouth endorsements from friends and customers. I would love to have a HUGE base of friends and customers to tell other folks about how much they’ve loved the work I’ve done for them, but as a relatively new business, my base of friends and customers is quite small.

Moser Visuals is developing a Rewards Program (for now, dubbed “Moser Visuals VIP Rewards”) and the first reward we’ve added is a referral bonus for ANYONE who sends someone our way. If you’ve read this far, you probably want to know two things: 1) What product/service would you refer people for? and 2) What is the reward? Read more

Welcome to the latest installment of a weekly movie blog series about the best movies you (probably) haven’t seen. Last week, I featured the first black-and-white film of the series, 12 Angry Men, and the week before, I featured the modern version of Great Expectations, which is one of my favorite movies of all-time.

(The idea is that each week I’ll throw out a movie that I think is really great, but isn’t a huge mainstream hit, or it’s not fresh and likely hasn’t been seen in quite a while—if at all. If you have seen it, share what you think about it—and feel free to rip me if you think it’s not worth watching! Then, in the comments, y’all make one movie suggestion as well. It’s that simple, and it’ll be a lot of fun if you’re a cinephile like me.)

This week, my nomination for the best movie you (probably) haven’t seen takes us to the slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The first foreign film nominated for this series, City of God (foreign title is Cidade de Deus)is a gripping foreign film revealing the delicate politics and brutal tragedy of common life for kids growing up in one of Rio’s most crime-ridden favelas. The film’s Portugese trailer is located at the end of the blog post. It is a much truer representation of the style, creativity, and characters in the film. Amazon’s summary:

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Self portraits aren’t easy if you’re working solo, but can be fun to play with poses and light at your own pace.

I’m in the middle of a couple different projects (one which I can’t WAIT to show you!), which have been keeping me quite busy lately. But I’ve noticed I hadn’t shot any personal projects in quite a while (aside from these beautiful all-access images from the Historic Tennessee Theatre) and I haven’t had a good shot of me in a long, long time. Read more

The Historic Tennessee Theatre’s breathtaking ceiling was renovated to be as identical to the original as possible, including the exact colors that were originally used.

A few weeks ago, I was given an amazing opportunity to explore one of Knoxville’s most prized assets: The Historic Tennessee Theatre. I, along with a group of friends, was given nearly unrestricted access with a camera to explore the renovated movie palace…and I made every effort to take full advantage of it!

The kind and talented Bill Snyder was the generous man who invited us in, gave us a brief history lesson, and played the mighty Wurlitzer Organ for our entertainment. Bill has been involved with the Theatre since the 70s, if I remember his stories correctly, and he had some wonderful stories to share. If you ever get an opportunity to talk to him, I would highly recommend you do so!

The Theatre appears in the film October Sky (some scenes were filmed in Knoxville). You can find out more interesting facts about the history of the Theatre and the Wurlitzer on its Wikipedia page—though the wiki isn’t as informative as Snyder!

Below are roughly 100 images I was able to capture during my tour. I wanted to share a glimpse into this beautiful and grand movie palace with everyone, so treat yourself to a photographic Tour of the Tennessee Theatre! Read more

I’m running an errand to the mall last week, and when you go to the mall (for any reason), you have to stop in the Apple Store. It’s a law somewhere, I’m convinced.

So I stop in the Apple Store to check out the beautiful new Macbook Pro that Apple released last month with the brand new Retina display (2880×1800 pixels on the 15″ model).

While being amazed by the gorgeous resolution and even slimmer profile of the laptop, a thought occurred to me:

The resolution of this computer is greater than an HDTV.

This isn’t news, and it can’t really count as a revelation, but it got me thinking. And it brings up a very, very important point that is news and everyone who creates digital visuals of some sort should pay attention to:

Apple’s Retina display is a sign of times to come, and you better prepare to change your process now.

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SANTIAGO, D.R. — There’s nothing quite like witnessing an open heart surgery.

Seeing a human heart beating and a pair of lungs expanding and contracting is absolutely incredible.

You can also view photos from Pricile’s surgery. Keep in mind that many photos may be considered disturbing by some due to the nature of surgery.

I don’t have a whole lot of inspirational thoughts to share today because we’ve been going full-speed for a few days. In lieu of words, today I’ll just share some photos and a few updates.

Isenadaire was the last to arrive of the four kids we we able to take to Santiago so far. He's older than the others. His health problems are noticeable when he has to walk a lot, especially up and down stairs when he gets very fatigued.

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