Case: 2233-04

Case: 2233-04

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The Story

Jack Bradley is an actor on the rise, and a paparazzi videographer begins following him and his success from the beginning. Bradley allows his fame to take over his life and he is caught by the paparazzi videographer in shady situations which ultimately lead to a major confrontation and shocking conclusion.

The Story Behind the Story

Celebrities’ lives are increasingly documented by paparazzi to the point where it is nearly impossible in today’s America for a celebrity to have a private life or keep secrets.

This short film is intended to be a view into the potential consequences of stripping individual privacy and exposing dirty laundry, as well as what could happen while leading a deceitful life.


  • Winner of the Indie Award at the Bootleg Film Festival 2011 in London.
  • “Honorable Mention” selection* and Matt Dearman won the “Best Actor” award for his performance at the 2010 Screenfest Film Festival.

*Because Case: 2233-04 included material the festival deemed not appropriate for families, the film was not eligible for the “Official Selection” tag.

Check out Case: 2233-04 on IMDB:​title/​tt1570461/​.


Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Jack Bradley: MATT DEARMAN
  • Caroline Jordan/Runner Movie Set Crew Member 3: MELISSA PRIODE
  • Main Paparazzi Videographer/Runner Movie Director/Fighter 3: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Paparazzi Extra 1: NATHAN DEARMAN
  • Paparazzi Extra 2/Jack’s Friend: NICK DOVE
  • Paparazzi Extra 3: AARON MYERS
  • Shopping Couple Guy: LOUIS DAVIS
  • Shopping Couple Girl: KELLY MCINTOSH
  • Paparazzi Extra 4/Runner Movie Camera Operator/Fighter 1: PATRICK FOX
  • Fan Girl 1: BETHANY PRIODE
  • Fan Girl 2: ABBY BURROUGHS
  • Fan Girl 3: LAKIN PRATT
  • Paparazzi Extra 5/Runner Movie Set Crew Member 2: BEN MOSER
  • Paparazzi Extra 6: DANIEL HUBBARD
  • Paparazzi Extra 7/Runner Movie Set Crew Member 1: CHRIS SHAMBLIN
  • Blonde Tramp: MOLLIE PLASKETT
  • Assistant: MIRIAM KRAMER
  • Airport Fan 1: TAYLOR BARNETT
  • Airport Fan 2: ERIC BARNETT
  • Stacy (Runner Movie Actress): WHITLEY ATKINS
  • Paparazzi Extra 8/Fighter 2: KURT VINCENT
  • Paparazzi Extra 9: KEVAN ELKINS
  • Paparazzi Extra 10: AUSTIN KENDRICK
  • Paparazzi Extra 11: BRITTANY HARRIS
  • Paparazzi Extra 12: DANIEL FOSTER
  • Autograph Couple Guy: MARK JENNINGS
  • Autograph Couple Girl: AMANDA SHELL
  • Ashamed Girl: JULIE HAMILTON
  • Paparazzi Extra 13: CHRIS SHAMBLIN
  • Paparazzi Extra 14: WADE RACKLEY
  • Paparazzi Extra 15: ZACK CRANE


  • Director: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Assistant Director: DANIEL HUBBARD
  • Assistant Director: BEN MOSER
  • Produced by badlandpictures
  • Producer: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Producer: MATT DEARMAN
  • Producer: MELISSA PRIODE
  • Associate Producer: BEN MOSER
  • Writer: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Writer: MATT DEARMAN
  • Director of Photography: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Camera Operator: DANIEL HUBBARD
  • Camera Operator: BEN MOSER
  • Camera Operator: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Senior Editor: SCOTT MURPHY
  • Assistant Editor: BEN MOSER
  • Production Assistant: CHRIS SHAMBLIN

Special Thanks

  • Downtown Grill and Brewery
  • Crown and Goose
  • McGhee-Tyson Airport


Shot on a Canon XH-A1 in many locations in Knoxville, Tenn.