The Big Sleep

The Story

Philip Marlowe uncovers some secrets about mafia-boss “Top Hat” Gino Salvatori’s prostitution ring, and in return Gino takes Carmen, his top working girl and Philip’s love interest, hostage. Philip and his crew must track down Carmen while trying to bust Gino’s illegal business venture–but doing both may prove difficult.

The Story Behind the Story

This project began as a favor for a friend (and it appears as such in a few scenes). He needed a video for a class project, and I had little to do at the time. He wrote a rough script, and we showed up and filmed.

About halfway through the “favor,” I realized the project had more potential than a typical class project, so I put more effort into making it a decent short. Hindsight is 20/20, but if I had seen the whole picture, I would have made this a much more cinematic piece with better takes.

Even still, the plot was good enough to take care of some of the shortcomings, and The Big Sleep is an interesting short to view.

My friend later told me this is loosely based on a novel, but I can’t recall the title.



  • Philip Marlowe: BILLY CRAWFORD
  • Hammer: MAX SCHNUCK
  • “Top Hat” Gino Salvatori: MARK JENNINGS
  • Carmen Sternwood: LAUREN MACKEY
  • Thug with wrench: CHRIS KING
  • Thug with bat: DAVID WILSON
  • British Thug: DAVE HOGUE
  • Paulie: PAUL RITTER
  • Big Boehm: ALAN BOEHM


  • Director: BEN MOSER
  • Producer: BEN MOSER
  • Associate Producer: BILLY CRAWFORD
  • Director of Photography: BEN MOSER
  • Camera Operator: BEN MOSER
  • Senior Editor: BEN MOSER

Special Thanks

  • Logan Newton
  • Music: Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, Hey Little World by The Hives, Theme from Schindler’s List by John Williams, Believe by The Bravery.


Shot on a Canon XH-A1 in Knoxville, Tenn.