The reason I work in still and motion pictures is my love for telling stories. I write, direct, produce and shoot stories that inspire me, and in turn (hopefully) inspire others.

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Young EntrepreneurMoser Visuals is a visual communications and production company focused on giving back.

We specialize in creating extraordinary experiences for our clients and partners, crafting fantastic products for them to share their stories, and cultivating innovation in exceptional ways. The services we provide are customized photography, video production, and digital design.

In addition, we partner with the international non-profit Chadasha Foundation to provide visual communication and production services at no cost to the organization. Chadasha is an incredible organization primarily focusing on children’s ministry and medical missions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Moser Visuals currently powers two specialty companies: Knoxville Portraits (Family, Senior, and Professional Portraiture) and Knox Wedding Photo + Video.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Future Vision”]

Long-term, I hope to continue to accomplish the following goals through Moser Visuals and The Chadasha Foundation:

  • Expand our services, products, and capacity
  • Promote a culture of innovation, creativity, giving back, and fun in the workplace
  • Create jobs for other creatives looking to grow, make a name for themselves in a proven business model, and give back
  • Provide a team of creative, talented, and missions-minded individuals to serve all of Chadasha’s growing communications needs
  • Expand this model into other markets, possibly partnering with other missions organizations as well[/toggle]

Please consider supporting our work by allowing Moser Visuals, Knoxville Portraits, or Knox Wedding Photo + Video to take care of all your photography, video production, and digital design needs in the future.

I’m always looking to meet new people, develop new personal and professional relationships, and help find visual communication solutions that fit the needs of my clients. If you’re interested in connecting with me in person, contact me.